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all photography by Daniel Wooden aka Photohumper



A cross between a dive bar and a nightclub, The Dolphin is one of South Philly’s most famous nighttime hangouts. Before reopening in 2013, it was a legendary go-go bar that was a central hub of the city’s nightlife. Today, The Dolphin offers rotating beers, cocktails, and nightly dance parties with some of the region’s most famous DJs, drag queens, and international touring acts, including Yaeji, Washed Out, and Mija.

The Dolphin is a safe space.

The Dolphin is a welcoming and inclusive space where people can express themselves freely and feel comfortable, regardless of race, gender, and/or sexual identity. Harassment, discrimination, and emotional or physical harm will not be tolerated. Interactions are encouraged only when they are invited. Please do not impose on someone’s space. Please respect the venue, community, music, and each other.